A World Beyond This One

July 22, 2013

What are most people yearning for who implore the assistance of  Psychics or Intuitive’s? They are searching for answers beyond what this world can provide and beyond what the average person believes they have access to. People who are seeking a deeper connection exceeding the physical realm turn to psychics to tap into deeper aspects of the unconscious. We often rely on Psychic Intuitive’s to provide insight into our lives and to address our deepest and most profound questions.

Some of the questions that are often asked have to do with the confirmation or affirmation of a future goal, contact with deceased loved ones, possible relationship outcomes, past resolution and future hopes. Until recently the notion of being a psychic was considered taboo and many doubted humanities’ ability to delve into the unknown and gain access to the multidimensional universe. For a vast portion of society the concept of psychic ability still remains a mysterious phenomenon becoming one worth exploring.
psychic guidanceAs I delved deeper into my own spirituality and began to have supernatural experiences myself, a whole world opened up and what once was mysterious became a point of intrigue until intrigue became reality. With burning questions that I felt the outside world could not address, my exploration of spirituality started inwardly. It would eventually become “normal” to connect to the unseen realms, so for me it was fitting that I would be introduced to a Medium who’s insights were so accurate that it confirmed to me that this world is more complex and multi-dimensional than my mind could fathom. According to an article written by Neal Litherland found on spiritualresources.com “A Medium is a person through whom the spirits of the dead are said to be able to contact the living. These people may often be referred to as channelers since they act as a conduit for the spirits of the dead.” Through my friendship with a real life Medium, I have  witnessed first hand psychic readings that have astronomically changed lives, made non believers believe but also prompted the emergence of further questions by those seeking psychic advice.
Of course the notion of a person having such abilities is somewhat controversial but it hasn’t hindered people’s curiosity and innate need to connect to other realms of possibility. In a modern world of uncertainty more and more people are returning to practices of old. And although I cannot vouch for all people who claim to have psychic and spiritual ability, I can with certainty say with both professional and personal experience that realms beyond this exist and why not connect with those who have access.


Jessica Spencer

Host of: Blogtalkradio.com/ascended-radio

Author of: Rose Colored Glasses, Clear Colored Eyes
“Create an outerverse that matches your innerverse.” -Jess
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