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Privacy Notice – UK Psychic Readings.

This policy relates to the privacy of your personal data at UK Psychic Readings.

About UK Psychic Readings.

UK Psychic Readings allows customers all over the UK to connect with our nationwide network of psychic readers through our telephone and text message platforms.

Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which governs Data Protection, we are required to give you a clear understanding of how and why we process your data, and what our position is, in this relationship

We are the Data Controller. 

As we set the rules and reasons for collecting data from you, we are classed as the Controller of your personal data.  This means it is our responsibility to ensure that the data we collect is controlled effectively and protected at all times.  Should you have any questions about the processing of your data you can contact us directly by emailing

Why we need your personal data and what we need to do with it.

Your personal data will be managed in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) under the following principles:

  • 1. Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency:
    • We will process your data where processing is necessary to fulfil the performance of a contract, this means that you have agreed to use our services, or we will process your data where you have given us explicit consent to do so. Your consent will be requested when you phone up or enquire via text messaging – prior to using our services.
  • 2. Purpose Limitation:
    • Your data will only be collected for explicit and contractual purposes, meaning that as well as using the data to identify you and perform any purchase or agreement with you, we may use it:
      • Should you request a follow up psychic reading
      • Direct market to you about relevant products
      • Financial/transaction information about your reading
      • To perform regular audits to ensure operational excellence
    • If we have collected your information for a specific purpose, we will not use it for anything else unless you have been informed and, where relevant, your permission obtained.
  • 3. Data Minimisation:
    • We will not ask for more information than we need for the purposes for which we are collecting it.
    • The information we will collect from you will include:
      • Full name
      • DOB – to verify that you are 18 or over to legally use the service
      • Telephone/Mobile number
  • 4. Data Accuracy:
    • We will update our records when you inform us that your details have changed
  • 5. Storage Limitation:
    • We will only retain your personal data for as long as you are a customer of UK Psychic Readings and have processes in place to remove the personal data of lapsed members.
  • 6. Integrity and Confidentiality:
    • We have implemented appropriate technical and operational measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data

Policies and processes we have to protect your rights as the ‘Data Subject’ 

Under GDPR you have a number of ‘rights’ which you can exercise at any time.  Should you wish to do so, please contact the person named at the end of this Notice.  These rights include:

  • the right to a Subject Access Request (also known as a SAR). You can access all of the data we process on you. This will be supplied to you within 1 month from the request being received.
  • the right to rectification – requesting any inaccurate data we hold on you to be corrected. We will make your amendments without undue delay.
  • the right to erasure – where the contract has ended but consent has been obtained to process your data, you may have the right to be forgotten and your personal data erased without undue delay.
  • the right to object/withdraw your consent.
  • the right to restricted processing – you can now request us to stop processing your personal data which can be reversed through consent from you the ‘data subject’.
  • the right to data portability – you can now have your personal data ported from UK Psychic Readings to another controller
  • the right to object to automated decision making, whereby we may use your data for profiling purposes to make a decision.

Where we cannot comply with one of these rights, or we need additional time to comply, we will provide you with a full explanation within the timescales required by the Regulation.

Transferring personal data 

Due to the nature of the business, we work with a variety of GDPR compliant businesses who act as our processors which store and process your personal data on our instructions. Below is a list of our main categories of processor:

  • Website development and hosting companies
  • Email platforms
  • Financial companies
  • Call handling software:

International Transfers

At no time does your personal information leave the EU.

Talking to us about your rights or this Notice

Should you wish to speak to us about the way we process your data, or wish to exercise your rights as listed above, please contact UK Psychic Readings  Data Protection lead Geoff Bell; by emailing

However if you wish to direct your questions to the ICO, you can find their details at

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